Tips for Your Dog's Bedtime Routine

Is your pup having trouble sleeping through the night? These tips can help them (and you!) get a good night’s rest.

1. Set up a routine

It’s really important to keep things consistent for your dog - they absolutely thrive on routine, so try to schedule walking, eating and bedtime around the same time every day. Keeping these things consistent will help them know when it’s time for bed.

2. Provide a cosy sleeping spot

Make sure your dog has a cosy place to sleep. If your dog isn't allowed to sleep with you or on the couch, you can put a warm blanket in their crate or give them their own dog bed. Having a dedicated spot for sleeping will help signal it's sleep time.

3. Wind down play

If you don’t work from home, it’s likely that your dog will want to play when you get home. Be sure to take any walks or have playtime in the early evening, so that you can wind down as the night gets later. Your puppy will follow your lead!

4. Turn off the lights

Like humans, dogs sleep best when the room is dark. Be sure to not only shut off the lights - TVs and computer monitors should also be turned off for them to rest easy.

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