Our Story

Fenwick Pet Co. is a different approach to dog beds. We value creating beautiful spaces within our homes, and believe your dog's bed is a part of that vision. Our beds are thoughtfully designed to look stylish wherever you put them, without sacrificing your best friend's comfort.

Fenwick Pet Co. was founded in Toronto, Canada by Michelle and Elijah, two pet lovers and entrepreneurs who through building their first home together realized there weren't many options for stylish pet beds. We were looking for something that would complement the space and look like an intentional part of our decor, not a drab cushion that would hide in the corner.

We searched, but couldn't find anything we liked. So, we decided to design our own.

But we also really care about our pets' comfort - we made sure our beds are ultra plush yet supportive, so that your furry companion will rest easy. It will look great to you, and feel great to them.

We're so happy you're here and taking a look at our dog beds! We can't wait to hear what you think.