Modern Dog Beds: What Features to Look For

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For many years, dog toys and furniture have been really lacking in style. Who decided that dog products should be goofy or tacky looking? A modern dog bed should keep up with modern styling.
The reality is that a dog bed is a part of your home, and should look great just like the rest of your furniture. But looks aren't the only important thing. Here are 6 things to look for when shopping for a modern dog bed. 
  1. Comfortable and supportive material: A high-quality dog bed should be made from materials that are comfortable for your dog to lie on. Most cheap big-box-retailer beds are made from the lowest quality material and will wear out. Plus if the bed isn't comfortable, your dog won't gravitate towards it so whats the point?

  2. Water resistant and easy to clean: Accidents happen, and when it comes to dogs, it's important to have a bed that can withstand spills and accidents. Look for a bed with a water resistant cover and cushion that can be easily removed and machine washed.

  3. Durable construction: You want a dog bed that will last for years, so it's important to choose one that is well-constructed and made from sturdy materials. Look for a bed with double-stitched seams and a sturdy frame to ensure it can withstand your dog's movements and weight.

  4. Size and shape: Consider the size and breed of your dog when choosing a bed. A bed that is too small or too large can be uncomfortable and may not provide proper support. Similarly, choose a bed with a shape that fits your dog's sleeping habits. Some smaller dogs will require a larger bed if they like to sleep spread out rather than curled up.

  5. Safety features: It's important to choose a bed that is safe for your dog to use. Look for beds with non-slip bottoms to prevent slipping and sliding, and consider a bed with a machine-washable cover to prevent any hazards from accumulating over time.

  6. Stylish design: Finally, you want a dog bed that fits in with your home decor. Choose a bed in a color and style that matches your home's aesthetic. 

Overall, a modern dog bed should be comfortable, easy to clean, durable, properly sized and shaped, safe, and stylish. By considering these features, you can find the perfect bed for your furry friend.

We launched Fenwick Pets because while renovating our dream home, we couldn't find any modern dog beds that ticked all of these boxes. Check out our collection to find a high quality modern dog bed that will enhance the look of your room.

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