Cream Dog Bed: Is it a good idea or not?

Cream or neutral colors have long been a staple in home design for their versatility and ability to create a calming atmosphere. But is it a good idea to get a cream dog bed? Dogs are notoriously messy creatures, so a lot of this decision comes down to whether the dog bed material is washable and can withstand the wear and tear without deteriorating the look. 

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Why go neutral?

One reason neutral colors are so popular in home design is that they can be paired with virtually any other color. This makes it easy to switch up your home's design without having to completely redecorate. Neutral colors also have a timeless quality, so they won't go out of style anytime soon.

Another reason neutral colors are so popular is that they create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Bright and bold colors can be overwhelming and exhausting to the senses, whereas neutral colors create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. This is especially important in the bedroom or living room, where you want to create a relaxing environment to unwind in after a long day. These rooms are usually where the dog's bed lives so cream color is an appealing choice.


Is it a bad idea?

Anyone who has thought of buying cream or neutral colored furniture has probably wondered if the beautiful light color is going to last. 

At Fenwick Pets, we wanted our customers to have access to that beautiful cream dog bed look without worrying about durability. We made it possible to get a cream dog bed because our material is so durable and washable. You can go ahead and get that light colored dog bed without worrying about stains or wear and tear. 

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